Emmanuel Pidre
Buenos Aires (Argentinien)/Berlin
Artist Statement
Born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Emmanuel Pidré lives and works in Berlin.
His work ranges from digital formats such as vídeo, graphic, performance to sculpture and installations. Pidré’s work seeks to explore the su bjective nature of how we see the world, and to disinter the underlying and usually u nacknowledged pre-existing structures that determine our perception of it. The discrepancy between what is displayed, and what is triggered in the brain serve s as a metaphor that what we see in the world is much more a result of what is withi n us, than what is in the world. And by switching our perception, even slightly, we can see an entirely different reality.
An instant of sound from Terry Riley´s work “In C”,
structure in wood, 2.7 m x 1.8 m x 0.5 m, 2014
Assemblage (Re: arrangement of 6 musical pieces), Collaborative work with Kristine Alksne, concrete, sound installation, variable dimensions, 2014
Open Space #1, 15 fluorescent lights, 7 m x 2.40 m, 2013