P/ART – producers artfair

P/ART is a producer’s art fair. A platform for artists, art dealers and the art discourse. It connects emerging artists with an art savvy audience, creating an environment that promotes creative processes. Unlike traditional art fairs which mainly focus on the selling of artworks, P/ART is a platform which allows interaction and discussions around the dynamic art discourse.

The concept of P/ART ties the principle of a producer’s gallery with an innovative fair platform. This allows artists, which are selected by a jury of experts, to show their work in a curated setting, allowing them to engage directly with visitors and collectors. Dialogues regarding the nature and value of the artworks are therefore detached from their institutional character and are negotiated directly between the producer and recipient. Artist talks, panels and publications stimulate the exhibitions, making them come alive. In the supporting program,  P/ART addresses discussions in response to the new emerging trend of art fairs acting as trading platforms.

P/ART kicked off in Hamburg in September 2013. In an abandoned industrial space P/ART hosted around 600 works by 70 artists. The interior architecture and design of the space was uniquely transformed in order to cater to the event, creating an exceptional atmosphere for both exhibitors and participants. A supporting program, consisting of performances, guided tours and panels complimented the exhibitions. In 2014 P/ART displayed the works of 81 artists on about 4000sqm in the former „Phoenix Factory“ in Hamburg. This year, P/ART will open it's doors once again from the 24th to the 27th of September in a new and yet unannounced location.

The goal of P/ART 2014 was to build on the references established in the 2013 edition, creating new beginnings with reference to past topics. This was done through reviving impulses of the previous year, translating them into new contexts, a new location and new formats. In the newly selected Phoenix Factory venue, new jury members evaluated the applicants, while sales structures were modified and the formats of the supporting program were established with new partners.

This year, P/ART will broaden it’s horizons by cooperating with other national and international institutions to address the underlying interaction between the producer and the recipient. New thematic approaches and aesthetic angles will be established through the integrated exhibitions. In cooperation with different institutions, the supporting program will commence beforehand in order to create a dialogue before P/ART begins in September. In spring, our jury of experts will choose the participating artists. We invite all artists and, for the first time, non-commercial institutions (art associations, producer galleries, artist collectives) to apply through the application form available on the website.

P/ART’s legal structure is that of an association, with goals to preserve it’s activities as well as interacting and cooperating with other institutions. Therefore we are looking for sponsors that co-create and add value to our project.