The "Producers Artfair“s team was delighted to realize three editions of a young, exciting, emerging independent art fair in the last years. We want to thank all supporters, artists and visitors.

With the consideration, that we are not able to carry out a local and centralized project in the near future, its time to start now with a new venture:

The new initiatory project of "Producers Artfair" will be a new digital platform for artists. In cooperation with institutions, independent projects, galleries, curators and artists "Curated by Weekly" will be a decentralized platform showing a single artwork for 7 days on the corresponding website. Due to numerous changes we see "Curated by Weekly" as a chance to keep on our work as a team and offer artists a common platform to publish their works. The project consists of a website and a magazine, which will be released in irregular intervals. Every week a new artwork will be "curated” and published on the website. The positions and works can function as art pieces as well in the digital sphere, which can be illuminated critically, or contrast themselves with the functions of the web. The project’s pace and composition orientates itself around the relevant visual environment of the present day. 

Stay updated: Curated by Weekly